Horizon Festival – 10 arts-fuelled days // 23 Aug - 1 Sep 2019

Meet the [In]Place Artists

[In]Place draws on the creative output of five visual artists who have worked in collaboration with lead artist and experienced animator Helena Papageorgiou to transform their work into an animated and interactive experience, supported by the Eye Jack app. Exploring the fluid nature of the environment, both individually and collectively, the [In]Place artists search for presence, transition and transformation through AR play.

Meet the artists involved in the [In]Place project..


Helena Papageorgiou
Helena Papageorgiou is a video producer, animator, projection/augmented reality artist and illustrator. Her works incorporate various stylistic mediums from film, collage, motion design, 2D and 3D animation to convey a sense of visual immersion. From concept to screen, Helena tells stories through movement, image and illustration. The combination of these allow for a visual feast of metamorphic images which allow for a condensation of form and perceived meaning.

Her projects include working with Commonwealth Games Festival 2018, Geelong After Dark, BIGSOUND, End of the Line as well as multiple music videos for internationally and locally based artists.

Pamela See
Pamela See is a Chinese Australian artist presently undertaking a PhD at Griffith University, researching contemporary applications for paper cutting. A key research tangent is the role of perforated paper in the development of digital technology. Pamela’s motifs are regularly translated to a variety of media including animation, laser cut sculpture and 3d printed designs. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1999, Pamela has exhibited in the US, China and Australia. This includes exhibitions in the Handwerker Gallery in Ithaca (NY), the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn (NY) and The Qing Tong Museum (China). Pamela’s artwork is presently in a range of collections including: The National Gallery of Australia, the Australian War Memorial and the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Carley Cornelissen
Carley is an emerging Australian artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her contemporary works are colourful and full of energy. Carley has strong feelings towards the way humans treat animals, this inspires her to use her work to highlight the influence of human population and greed on the environment. Each piece she creates holds a special meaning, hidden in the flowers, the insects, birds or animals. Carley’s pieces contain references to endangered fauna, extinct animals and wildlife at risk. Carley likes to use her work to get people to think about how their actions affect the environment. Carley uses patterns and bold colours to provide a glimmer of hope and to help people realise that we as individuals can make a difference. She also uses transfers as she feels the image represents the fragility of the situation, it shows how endangered species are here but also almost gone.

James Muller
James Muller of Earth Base Productions has 20 years’ experience in the film, television and digital media industries. Utilising screen technologies and emerging digital media, James creates projects with intrinsic cultural and creative values. His award winning projection works are often found in unexpected places and surfaces.

Claire Matthews
Claire Matthews, aka Fuzeillear, has been living on the Sunshine Coast for the past eight years, creating work imbued with a calm and stillness that she struggles to find in real life. Working with watered washes and brushes, she uses shadowy textures and strong highlights to bring a sense of depth and space, allowing the viewer to take a breath and, for a moment, float away.

Kellie O’ Dempsey
Brisbane based artist Kellie O’Dempsey develops site-generated installations and performances which incorporate projection, video, collage, architectural space, gestural line, performance and digital drawing. Drawing is central to her making as she hybridises elements to generate artworks that are experiential and emergent. Creating in both solo and collaborative formats with sound artists and contemporary dance practitioners, her diverse practice investigates notions of transformation through improvisation and happenstance. Playing with light, line and the live act Kellie interrogates public and private space as shared experience.

Kellie’s performances and exhibitions include: Art after Dark, Pier2/3 18th Biennale of Sydney, and MONA FOMA, Hobart, Draw/Delay at White Night Melbourne, Draw to Perform@ N3mber Performance Space London and at Kentler International Art Space, Brooklyn, NY and at NGA Play at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra titled the Never-ending Line.

All five artists’ works are presented across Nambour, collectively forming an interactive art trail. Experience the art trail by starting at Nambour Train Station where two large scale artworks will unlock the pathway. Follow the signs through the streets of Nambour to The Old Ambulance Station.